The Support: What All Women Need & Need To Give

It’s about to get real, y’all.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Seems simple. But, for women it seems impossible. Literally. Besides the select few of you I have met that I have never heard a fowl word come out of our mouth about another person (I praise you for that, BTW).

Y’all… Why is it so hard to support one another? This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately (and also something I have been trying to be more conscious about for myself – I’m not pointing fingers here, this post is for everyone. INCLUDING me.)

If your “friend” (I put this in quotations because I mean that word as in either a real friend, a social media friend, or an acquaintance) has a small business… SUPPORT THEM. That goes for retail, beauty/skin care, photography, etc. If you can’t afford her services, THAT IS OKAY. Share her business posts, participate in giveaways, tell her you’re proud of her, refer her to your girlfriends! If your “friend” starts up a new hobby for fun (maybe she is a SAHM that just wants something for herself *wink wink*)… SUPPORT HER. If your “friends” husband runs his own business and is their main source of income… SUPPORT HIM. If your “friend” is putting her/himself out there to be vulnerable on the internet to expand themselves and/or business… SUPPORT THEM. If your “friend” is on a weight loss/fitness journey… MY GOD YOU BETTER SUPPORT HER/HIM! OR even a spiritual journey… SUPPORT ‘EM! And lastly, if your friend is doing none of these things… SUPPORT HER. She may be nervous to open up to others, she may be shy, she may be afraid of rejection, she may just not even have the time to juggle anything extra, or she may just not want to… support her by BEING THERE for her. Being a REAL friend. 

Okay, I stepped off that soap box. On to my next one.

My main point of this post is because as I started this blog and shared my first post with you guys… I HAD SO MUCH SUPPORT. Like, an insane amount. I received private messages from people (mainly moms who love to read things like this & feel understood) saying how excited they were and couldn’t wait to read more. Y’all, I literally thought this was going to get no attention. I just wanted to do this for the fun of it. Because I truly love to write (hence why if you call me, I’m more than likely just going to wait for the phone to stop ringing and text you to ask you what’s up, haha). But, to see so many people supporting me in this new random hobby… it means the world!

…AND THEN. There’s always that one person. You know, the one person who has to be negative. The one person who has to try and ruin the good thing you had going. (Similar to that one person in class that ALWAYS had something to say to the teacher when everyone else was ready to get the hell out of there.) WHYYYYYYY? If I have ever in my life been “that person” to someone (either intentionally or by mistake) my Lord I sincerely apologize AND I hope I am never “that person” again.

If you are “friends” with someone on social media and you see them post something and you have a negative thought about it – DELETE THEM. Don’t be their “friend” on social media if you can’t be a a friend in real life. Remove yourself from the equation. Remove them from your friends list so you won’t even have those negative thoughts. *Cue Paige getting removed from 157 Facebook friends lists at this exact moment LOL* But seriously, do it. Another alternative to that: challenge yourself to think something positive about that person instead. There’s good in everyone – you just have to be open to embracing it. Negativity – ain’t nobody got time for dat. (Is that still a relevant saying? Probably not, but you get the point.)

Does the world really need another mom blog? No, you’re right – probably not. There’s enough of them out there. I’m aware. But, this is my little way of expressing myself and even if no one ever reads this – I was able to be ME for a moment.

What I DO KNOW is – the world damn sure doesn’t need anymore negativity. THAT IS A FACT MY FRIENDS.

So, be you. Sell that makeup. Post those clothes you took the time to make. Share those before/after pictures of the hair cuts, spray tans, etc. you worked your magic on. Start a blog. Go back to school. Quit your awful ass job (jk – think this one through first. But girl if you’re not happy… LEAVE).

Don’t let that one negative comment or person stop you from being you. There’s more support out there than you think. 🙂



13 thoughts on “The Support: What All Women Need & Need To Give

  1. PREACH IT!!! And so what if it’s another SAHM blog?! All moms are different and sometimes those Moms just need to read about another Moms life to make them feel better or what not! Can’t wait for more!

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  2. These are so deep and true ! I wonder myself sometimes too but I will say if we can all support each other , the world would have been a better place today . I wonder why we don’t support rash other enough . Since starting my blog , support I get are not even from people I expected , they are from people that are not close to me . Only few of my friends and family supported me . Is so sad 😭. Thank you for this beautiful article.

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  3. I like this article. Whenever I catch myself thinking something rude or nasty about another woman, I quickly remind myself that it doesn’t matter, and that thoughts like that aren’t contributing anything positive to my life.

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  4. Okay I’m obsessed with this post! This is something I’ve really been focusing on lately, trying my darned best to only uplift and support other women (and honestly everyone). I think it’s so important to love and support one another in our life and goals. We’ve been taught for so long that we should be in competition with one another but that’s ridiculous. We should all want happiness and success for each other!

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  5. Bravo. It doesn’t extinguish your candle by helping another’s stay bright. I find that the negative nellies are the ones that are unhappy in their own skin. Keep pressing forward. Blessings


  6. I love this. It is so easy for us to overlook all of the good that comes from people because we’re worried about the negative that one person brings. This was much needed. I tend to forget and need reminders like this.


  7. Support speaks volumes and it’s priceless. However, I’ve learned not to expect support in return when I support others. There are times when I participate in groups and may only get one message after I’ve read more than 5 blogs. There are some people who you help with growing their brand but you won’t hear a word from them when you’re trying to grow yours. But great post ! I’ll continue supporting others no matter what.


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