The Struggle: The Mom (of 2) Edition

This post is brought to you by…

A girl (I can’t call myself a woman, that seems weird to me. Yes, I am in my late 20’s, but lets be honest – I still feel like a kid that thrown into adulthood out of nowhere most of the time) named Paige that really is just trying to get her shit together.

Struggle #1: Time Management


Y’all… I’m not sure if I can accurately explain to you how hard this is with two children. And maybe it will get easier when they get older (LORD PLEASE let it get easier when they get older), but this is like… right below child birth on the scale of difficulty. Let me just break this down for you to give you a better idea of our typical mornings here at the Ortiz residence when I’m alone with the kiddos:

  • Start feeding baby
  • 3-year-old wakes up and needs you to help him change out of his pajamas into his clothes for the day (but remember, you are trying to hold a newborn and feed her a bottle at the same time)
  • Get toddler dressed, get his breakfast ready, help him use his inhaler, get him settled with some morning cartoons so you can attempt to finish feeding the screaming baby
  • Start feeding the baby attempt #2, burp the baby, baby spits up all over herself and you (because God blessed with me two beautiful children, two beautiful children that always spit up. always.)
  • Go to change baby’s clothes/diaper
  • While changing baby’s diaper, toddler runs in screaming he needs to poop
  • Put baby’s diaper/clothes on, set her down so you can help toddler wipe his butt (because Lord knows if you don’t do it for him there would be shit everywhere)
  • Baby begins screaming, because GUESS WHAT?! She just pooped, too.
  • Start changing her diaper AGAIN. And now guess what? Every time you put a new diaper on her, she poops a little bit more. Therefore, one diaper change turns into about 7 until she’s finally done.
  •  Walk into living room with happy baby to find toddler has taken all of his clothes off because he wants to change his Superman underwear to Spider-Man underwear
  • OH and you still have spit up all over you from earlier, and haven’t even began to get yourself ready for the day
  • Re-dress toddler, fix his hair, help him brush his teeth
  • Tell toddler to put shoes on
  • Attempt to go in your own room and put clean clothes on
  • Baby starts crying, toddler starts yelling that baby is crying
  • Toddler still doesn’t have shoes on, so now you have to yell at him to put them on
  • Walk into kitchen to make toddler’s lunch
  • By this time baby is crying because she’s hungry again… (because everything before this took up HOURS of time to accomplish)

… I could keep going but SURELY by this point you get the idea. AND THIS IS WHY I AM TWO HOURS LATE TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE. Literally. When my husband has to work early and I get the lovely privilege of having to take Kye to school (I love taking him to school, but when you have to lug in a heavy ass car seat with an 11 lbs baby in it… not so much. I pray daily that his school starts a drop off line in the near future!)… we come rolling in around 10:00 am… because of the monstrosity I just listed above.

If you invite us to a birthday party, we will be late. If you invite us to lunch/dinner, we will be late. If you expect us to be somewhere at a certain time, just give up all hope.

Struggle #2: Body After Babies

HAHAHAHA. All I can do is laugh at this.

One baby – body will never be the same, but it can get pretty close. Two babies – LOL.

Example: I just attempted to do a 10-minute workout via YouTube… and yes I survived it but, my legs now feel like jello and I’m not 100% certain I am going to be able to stand up after I’m done typing this.

It’s honestly a cruel joke. I am one month postpartum and I feel amazing (emphasis on FEEL, not look. The way I look after baby #2 is a whole different story. I wasn’t blessed with those Kylie Jenner genes). My body healed so much faster and easier after Zoe than with Kye. So, naturally you think you can jump back into things quicker because, well hell you feel good! N O P E. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older than when I had Kye or if it’s the whole second baby thing… BUT DAMN. I feel freakin’ fabulous until I try and do a squat. I would go into detail but just know, it all goes downhill from there.

OHHHH and… You want to eat healthy and shed this baby fat, right? You get that mindset and then you log into freakin’ Facebook and here comes Blue Bell with a post releasing their new flavor. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH. My three favorite things. SATAN WHY ARE YOU AFTER ME?!

Now I can’t let myself go into any grocery store for the next 6 months because I know the little devil on my shoulder will be whispering in my ear to push that buggy right on over to the frozen section.

I’ll stop with the struggles for now. I’ll do more in a different post after I figure these two out (it may be a while – don’t get your hopes up folks haha!).

But.. serious food for thought: This is why moms don’t need to mommy-shame one another. We are all just out here riding the mommy struggle bus (2 hours late lol) and trying our hardest to not only be good moms/wives, but survive it all as well. 


If you’re a mom, you got this! We all do. It may not seem like it half the damn time, but we do! To save yourself some sanity, get out of the house! Reach out to other mom friends & have play dates. Go have lunch. Go to Target (even though we all already go there… daily). Don’t forget about yourself!

If you have friends with kids – be patient. Show them you care for them. Make them feel like they are more than just a mom. Be their sister, laugh at their funny stories about the gross stuff their kids did, be their listener, bring them wine, be there.

If you’re a husband who made it through all of that and kept reading to this point – be patient, too. Your wife has a lot going on. Mentally, physically, and emotionally (we know we are acting crazy, just go with it). Be her person. And just always remember: she’s trying.  

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.”


4 thoughts on “The Struggle: The Mom (of 2) Edition

  1. Girl, take it from a mum of 2 toddlers…it does get easier! However, if I can say I feel you, believe me I feel you!!! Reading through this,was like a flashback to my life a few years ago 🙂 You are amazing! You are a boss mommy! You got this!!! Well done! I absolutely enjoyed reading this! Beautifully written xx


  2. I don’t have kids yet, but I love your humor with it all. I can only imagine the craziness of every life with kids! I sometimes feel like I’m losing it with our three puppies!


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