Mom Motivation: Getting Back To ‘You’!



Long time no see, friends!

Mom life of two has kept me pretty busy, clearly! In the midst of all this motherhood chaos I wanted to take a minute to write about something that has really helped me the past few weeks to find my new groove as a SAHM.

The first few weeks home with a baby are nothing short of insanity. There’s not much sleep, you’re lucky to get a shower every few days, dry shampoo is your best friend, spit-up is your new accessory to all of your outfits, laundry is piled up for days (maybe even weeks), the dirty bottles seem to be multiplying by the minute in the sink, and your heart is full of so much love and joy it could absolutely burst!

It seems as if you’re never going to gain control of anything and you damn sure feel like any hope of any kind of daily schedule is just straight out of the window. We have ALL felt like that (or still do)! M O M L I F E literally turns you into a hot mess. HOT, with one T. Not the the sexy hott that requires two T’s. You’ll eventually get that second T back mama, just hang in there!

A few weeks ago I honestly just felt a little hopeless. I felt lonely, I felt like everything was always so chaotic, I felt insecure, and I felt like I didn’t know what the hell I was doing honestly. I’m so used to everything being on a schedule and being able to control every little situation, then you throw a baby in the mix of that… well those days are dunzo for the time being.

Then I began a bootcamp program to not only try and help shed some of this baby weight, but to get me out of the dang house! Y’all, there’s nothing more depressing than sitting at the house all of the time. GET OUT OF THERE! (I mean, not all of the time. Those days where I don’t get out of my pajamas and binge watch Hulu/Netflix are just as amazing… but those should be occasions, not daily things.) I was able to get out of the house, be around other women/moms trying to better themselves, and I was making myself feel better by doing some exercise! It got me motivated! Motivated to get my life back on track, on a schedule, and to feel better about myself.

Bootcamp is a little intense for someone who just had a baby so I am not going as much as I was at the beginning (my 27-year-old knees are acting like 77-year-old knees and hurting pretty bad), but I have started walking 3 times a week while my oldest kiddo is at school. Me & the baby meet up with a friend at a local trail & walk about 4 miles each day (and we may or may not go get lunch a margarita afterward… because hello, we deserve it)! This time not only gives me some burned calories, but girl time to chat, and me & Zoe get to get out and enjoy the fresh air & sunshine!

Walking with a friend is much more attainable for most moms. It’s FREE, you can go based on your own schedule, and it’s FUN! What’s holding you back?!

Get motivated. Get moving. You don’t even have to incorporate exercise into this. If you just want to go eat lunch on the patio at your favorite restaurant with your friend(s) a couple times a week… GO DO IT! You have no idea how much better you will feel about yourself once you start doing something for YOU! Getting out of those pj’s every once in a while really does make you feel better! A dab of makeup really does make you feel like your life is somewhat in order for that day. Talking to a friend IN PERSON really does make such a difference in your well-being.

So, mama… here’s to you! Get out there and do YOU! Be your own damn sunshine!


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