How Babies Can Change Your Marriage



Today is our 6 year wedding anniversary! (Which is weird to say since we didn’t have a wedding… we just hit up the JP one Friday afternoon lol). Nonetheless, we’ve been hitched for 6 years out of the (almost) 12 we have been together!

Anyways, I wanted to share how your marriage may change after bringing some extra little humans into the mix!

After Kyson was born I had never in my life loved my husband more than I did in those first few weeks. I mean I didn’t even know I could love him that much after watching him become a dad & how he loved me as a mom + wife. We have been together since we were 15-year-old kids, so through the puppy love stage, the newlywed stage, and now the new baby stage… this time was my favorite of them all. BUT, once he went back to work things weren’t as easy (at least in my perspective). I was home all day with the baby & SO looking forward to seeing Amaris when he would come home. And yeah, he would come home happy to see us, but work was back on his mind so his attention was now divided between us & business. Honestly, it was an adjustment for me. I was still on this new baby high & it kind of came crashing down when reality starts easing its way back in (along with lack of sleep).

I went back to work after Kyson was 6-weeks-old (thank goodness for my mother who watched him at our house to help make the transition so much easier). And after going back to work, things got even more rough for me. The stress of both of us working, these new financial responsibilities, coming home and devoting all of our attention/time to the baby and not to one another, it was hard y’all. I’m talking about 5 months in we eventually had a serious conversation on what the heck was going to happen to our marriage because we were just acting as parents and not spouses.

BUT – it was just an adjustment. We had to adjust. We did adjust. And it made us stronger. It made us unbelievably stronger, happier, and more appreciative of one another.

And now with baby #2 just being added to bunch, it’s a breeze (in our marriage, not the parenthood thing haha)! Don’t get me wrong, there are nights I look over at him sleeping soundly while I’m up in the middle of the night with the baby & want to strangle him, but that’s just the sleep deprivation taking over (I hope lol).

We struggle ALL THE TIME with going on dates & making time for each other, that’s just the reality of having a busy life (Zoe is almost 3-months-old and we still haven’t gone on a date night yet… oops!). But, one thing we do consistently is spend time together in the evenings & mornings when the kids are in bed. It may not be much, but that little bit of quality together each day really means a lot to a marriage!

Marriage is T O U G H. It’s hard work. It’s not easy in the slightest. But it’s worth it. Having a family is worth it. Showing love to one another for your children to see is worth it. You & your spouse are worth it!


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