Lifting Up vs Tearing Down: The Problem With Social Media

_Let's root for each other and watch each other grow._ (1)

If you’re my friend on Facebook you’re probably thinking “Oh, here she goes again” because I wrote a rather lengthy Facebook post addressing this subject, but… it clearly needs to be talked about more than once. So, here I am, again, talking about this nonsense.

I have an extreme hate/kinda hate even more/sometimes love relationship with social media. All forms of it. It can be used for so many positive things like spreading awareness or connecting with long-lost relatives or marketing your business, etc. So, here I am, still on social media. But, what do I see WAY more than those positive uses? Bullying. Criticism. Hatefulness. 

Nerd alert: I am a HUGE American Idol fan this season (don’t worry, you can still keep reading if you aren’t an AI fan – it’s not the point of what I’m getting at). I am beyond excited for the finale tonight. I think I am even more excited for this season over any other, because I truly do not care who wins. I love them all in their own ways. Heck, I’ve loved every contestant this season because American Idol gave us so much more about them this time than just their singing abilities. The audience learned so much about their lives, their families, their passions, their personalities – all of it. They were so vulnerable. So real. And as the big fan that I am, I got on the American Idol Facebook page and decided to read some comments to see who everyone was rooting for. BIG MISTAKE. There was hardly any rooting or cheering on for anyone. It was just bashing of who they DIDN’T want to win the competition.

Why? That is literally the only word I can ever think of when I come across these things. Why do we have to be so mean? Don’t get me wrong, if you have a favorite (I’m not just talking about this show, I’m talking about in any aspect of life) – CHEER THEM ON! But, don’t tear others down in the process. Everyone left (and pretty much for the whole competition) is extremely young. I’m talking teens/early 20’s… and there are GROWN ASS ADULTS on the internet bashing them for their looks (which is just mean… especially about a CHILD), their confidence (which I mean, hell, to put up with mean folks on the internet you better have some confidence to protect yourself! And for the ones that don’t have any, I see why. I wouldn’t be confident either knowing I would just get o the internet later and see people talking crap about me), their singing (which makes no sense because clearly they have talent or they wouldn’t be on the damn show in the first place)… I mean literally bullying these kids who are just chasing their dreams. WHY?

I saw this all over the internet over the weekend too, in regards to the royal wedding. Meghan’s dress was boring, her makeup was minimal (ummm if I naturally looked like her I wouldn’t wear any makeup either. SHE DOESN’T NEED IT, have you seen her?), Kate was a better bride, blah blah blah. YOU GUYS. It was THEIR wedding day. She picked the dress (which cost more than most of our houses) that SHE wanted. SHE liked it, and that’s all that matters because it was her damn day. And Harry was loving it, did you see that lip bite he did when he looked at her?!

This is something I am very passionate about for some reason because I truly love the differences in people. I think I drive my husband crazy sometimes because he will make a comment about a house or a truck or something similar that he doesn’t care for and I just always reply with “but that person likes it, that’s why they bought it.” We all have different likes and dislikes. AND THAT IS A GOOD THING! Just because someone likes or believes something you don’t does not make them any less of a person. Our differences are beautiful. They make us unique. They don’t give us the right to bash one another.

The point of this is… SET AN EXAMPLE. This is why so many people are so self conscious and afraid to chase their dreams. They are not only afraid of rejection, they are afraid of ridicule.

If you’re a parent… imagine your baby getting up on a stage in front of a bunch of strangers, extremely vulnerable, just wanting to make a career for themselves. What if there was a picture posted from your child’s wedding day and you get on Facebook or Instagram or whatever and see people bashing your child. How would you feel? How do you think your child would feel if they read that? Those people ARE someone’s baby. They ARE real people with REAL feelings… just like you & your babies.

Bullying is a real thing, y’all. And it starts with the adults/parents. We have to set an example for our children. If they see grown adults typing/saying these things about children, of course they are going to think it’s okay to do so as well! Bullying takes lives. Bullying takes our children. 

Set an example. Be an example. Be happy for other’s happiness. 


“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.” – James Keller

3 thoughts on “Lifting Up vs Tearing Down: The Problem With Social Media

  1. I agree with you. Whatever happened to “If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it anything at all”? hopefully we can make a difference by being positive and just being nice


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