You are.

7F009747-3C4B-467C-90CE-0F5723987CD3You know those funks you catch yourself slipping into from time to time? Those days that your brain tries to tell you that you’re not a good enough mom, you need step it up as a wife, your friendships are fading because maybe you did something wrong, you are losing confidence because you aren’t taking care of yourself… you know, those days?

When in all reality we are good moms, it’s just a hard season of motherhood right now. Our kids may be going through a new phase that comes with their age, or it could be the fact that it’s summer break and we are running around trying to do all the things before school starts back. (Or maybe you’re on the verge of losing it if they ask for one more dang snack, can I get an amen?) And due to that you’re exhausted by the end of the day which is making the quality time with your husband dwindle, but it will come back. You know it will. And all of your friends are busy with their kids and activities (and snack making) as well, so while you may feel alone – they are probably going through the same thing, and neither of you did anything wrong to the other. The hustle & bustle life is leaving you with little time to yourself, so you may not be feeling as confident physically or mentally right now, but it’s okay, you know you will get back to it soon, you always do.

We ALL deal with this. Every single one of us. Our bodies and minds stay so busy during certain seasons of life that when we finally get a minute to slow down we start to doubt ourselves. Is everything we are doing even worth it? This is when we have to refocus on the fact that just because one period of time may be chaotic right now, that doesn’t mean it always will be. Embrace the chaos. Smoother days are ahead, and you will embrace those too.

You’re a good mom, a great mom actually. Your husband admires your strength and ability to juggle it all. Your friends can’t wait to have a girls night and catch up on life. And you look beautiful – as usual.




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