Infertility: From an Outsider

This blog post was not planned whatsoever, and honestly something I never thought I would write about… but, sometimes God comes in and leads you in a direction you didn’t intend (which is always for the best).

Infertility/miscarriage is a hard, tough, terrifying subject to touch on. It’s something I see break the hearts of my friends, my acquaintances, and people I don’t even know on a daily basis.

My husband and I have never had to deal with this kind of heartbreak. We THOUGHT it was going to be something we would struggle with, but it turns out it was just all in God’s timing (which, like I said, it was for the best). A few months before I became pregnant with Kyson, I got my thyroid and hormone levels tested because we were starting to think something could potentially be preventing us from having children. We weren’t “trying”, but we weren’t preventing either… for YEARS. No preventing + no baby = my mind automatically freaking out thinking I have fertility issues. All of the lab work came back completely normal… which left me confused. Then a few months later… positive pregnancy test. It was all in God’s timing.

I never fully experienced that pain of infertility. I got a glimpse of it. And that glimpse was terrifying. To see people I know actually deal with this… for weeks, months, and years at a time… it hurts me, too. It hurts to see you hurt.

When we got pregnant with Zoe (totally NOT planned, all in God’s timing though remember? lol) the feeling of surprise lead to excitement pretty quick, but then it lead to guilt. We have two very close friends who were dealing with fertility issues for a while and we wanted nothing more than for them to have a baby. We already had a baby, we didn’t need another one right now, they did. Amaris and I were both so nervous to tell them. One of the first things Amaris said after we found out about this pregnancy was “What about…?” and I knew exactly what he was thinking – because I was thinking it, too. We didn’t want to hurt them. We didn’t want to discourage them. We didn’t want them to question God on why he was giving us another baby (an unplanned one at that) when they have been planning on their baby for what seemed liked forever.

We took them out to eat, both anxiously looking at one another on when to break the news. Amaris finally just took the plunge and said it. They were so excited for us, asking questions about how I felt and how far along and all the typical things your friends ask you. But, I know deep down it hurt a little. Because you know what, it hurt me.

Fast forward a few months later and they invited us to dinner. Which was common, but Amaris and I were both praying they had their own baby news to share. And… THEY DID! God fulfilled their greatest prayer (and one of ours too)! It was a long journey to get there, but they fulfilled it.

That is an infertility story that has a happy ending, but there are still so many couples out there still writing their story. Or their story has just begun. And I want you ladies to know that as an outsider looking in – you’re so strong.

I truthfully believe you have been dealt this battle because you are strong enough to handle it. I know there are times you don’t think you are, but God knows you are. I know you are. You are given this story to share. Whether that be you share it with the world, or just your husband that is writing the story with you. It’s your story. It’s a heartbreaking story, but it’s a beautiful one.

When you share your pain and suffering, you aren’t just touching the lives of other women who share & understand this pain. You are touching us that don’t also, maybe even more. You encourage us to love a little harder. To hold our babies a little tighter. To thank God more. To be a better friend. To be calm when the baby is crying at 2:00am. To be thankful for the crying baby at 2:00am. You make us better moms.

Your story has a purpose.

To any of you struggling with infertility, have dealt with a miscarriage, a still birth, infant loss, any of those tragic things… you are strong. You are a story. A beautiful story. A story of God.


Mommy Must-Haves: Items You & Baby Will Love!


Everyone wants to make life a little easier right? (Especially a sleep deprived mama!)

With two babies under my belt now, I am going to help you new moms with the items I highly recommend to get you and baby through those long nights/days!

I’m at the age were all my Facebook/Instagram friends are popping out babies (SO. MANY. CUTE. BABIES), and we are all scrambling around trying to figure this mom thing out and asking each other for help on which products they recommend… so, here we go!

  • Dockatot Deluxe – This is my #1 recommendation for new moms! Yes, it is a little bit of an investment (they start at around $75 and can go up to over $200 depending on size and print). BUT, ladies if you can, grab you one! There are also always people selling them online for a reasonable price (that’s where I got ours!) via Facebook or other sale apps. The Dockatot Deluxe is for babies newborn – 8 months and the Dockatot Grand is for babes aged 8 – 36 months. We are currently using the Deluxe (and I honestly hope we will have an easy transition to the crib and won’t have to upgrade to the Grand), and you guys… it is a life saver! The first few days home from the hospital we put the Dockatot in between us and from the get-go baby girl slept for 4 hours at a time! (That’s a big deal for us since our first born slept for 2 hours at a time… Dockatot’s weren’t a thing back then!) After a few days we started putting the Dockatot in her crib and since she was already used to it she continued to sleep those 4 hours without any interruption. Also, it is so easy to travel with. You can take it from room to room or when you go somewhere and the baby is always essentially sleeping in their “bed” with no problems!


  • Fisher-Price Auto Rock N Play – This honestly could be a tie with the Dockatot for the #1 spot! With our son, this was 100% our 1 must-have three years ago. Now, when our daughter isn’t sleeping in her Dockatot, she is sleeping in her Rock N Play. I highly recommend the auto version of the Rock N Play because it can rock itself as well as play music. It will auto rock for up to 6 hours at a time which is WONDERFUL! Since it auto rocks, we are able to put baby in her Rock N Play and she will fall asleep on her own without us having to rock her or hold her to go to sleep. Also, it is inclined, so if you have a baby with acid reflux you will prefer this over the Dockatot to help baby get through those rough times.


  • Kickee Pants – Y’all… is it possible for this brand to also be tied for the #1 must-have spot? These pajama’s (let’s get real, we wear them all the time & everywhere, not just to bed) are SO FREAKIN’ SOFT! Our baby girl is a great sleeper (thank you to the two items above), but she is an AMAZING sleeper the nights she sleeps in her Kickee Pants sleepers/coveralls! She always sleeps an extra hour or 2 when she wears them to bed… they are magical! And, this is another popular product that other mamas are always selling online for cheap – snatch them up when you see them! You WILL NOT regret it! (And they even have clothes for moms… I haven’t bought any yet simply for the fact that I’m pretty sure if I put them on I will NEVER take them off.)


  • Milkbarn – Right behind Kickee Pants, comes Milkbarn! These clothes are super soft like KP, and have the cutest dang prints for girls & boys! And if you’re local to Longview, Ellie Bee’s sells this brand – that’s where I first discovered them!


  • Owlet – This is a GAME CHANGER! I really wish this would have been around with our son, but I am oh so grateful it is around now! This small sock monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, therefore you don’t have to wake up a million times to check on your baby like all of us new moms do… that new mom anxiety/fear is no joke. It comes with a monitor that goes off by playing a loud sound if there are abnormal readings from the baby, and also alerts your cell phone as well. The Owlet app is my favorite app on my phone. When the baby has her Owlet sock on, I can check the app at anytime and it will tell me her levels so I can relax knowing she is okay in the other room without having to try and sneak in there quietly to check on her (because let’s be honest, that always ends terribly but accidentally bumping into something causing an avalanche of some sort waking up the baby & leaving you with a broken big toe). These are expensive ($300), BUT a lot of people don’t know you can set up a payment plan! You don’t have to pay the full $300 upfront! To me, that makes Owlet even more of an amazing company. They acknowledge that not only is the health of the baby important, but it’s important for everyone – no matter who can afford their product.
  • Medela Breast Pump – If you are someone who plans on breast feeding/pumping, this breast pump was so easy to use! It comes with everything you need to pump at home or on the go. (Tip: before buying any breast pump, check with your health insurance to see if you qualify to get one for FREE!)
  • Hands Free Breast Pump Bra – If you are going to pump – get you one. Don’t hesitate, just do it. You will be so glad you did!
  • WubbaNub Pacifier –  I mainly just adore these because they are so cute, but I love these pacifiers! They are the same type of pacifier they provide you with in the hospital, but they have an adorable little stuffed animal attached to them… I mean, how cute?! They are also A LOT easier to find when they go missing. Our daughter is one month old and I’m pretty sure we have lost every single pacifier already besides our WubbaNubs, those little things are sneaky I tell you! Also, as the baby gets older they can hold on to the little animal and it helps soothe them as well. And in my opinion it seems like these stay in the baby’s mouth easier, too!
  • Aden + Anais Burpy Bib – We were given these burp cloths/bibs as a gift and I instantly fell in love! They are super soft and absorbent! They are slightly curved so they lay perfectly on your shoulder when you are burping baby. Best part – the sides can also button together and double as a bib! So, basically these are going to last you all through the newborn days & the messy eating days as well.
  • Sound Machine/Projector – This is the one item my now 3-year-old still uses to this day, since birth! I definitely recommend sound machines for little ones. It helps drown out the noise of the outside world (example: extremely loud older siblings) to help for a more peaceful sleep. The reason I love this one by myBaby is because it plays different music and white noise options, has a timer, and a projector to show cute little scenes on the ceiling/wall in your baby’s dark nursery at night. Like I said, our son STILL uses his. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star has played every night in his room for 3 years straight… he might have to go to college with that thing haha!
  • Baby Bjorn – There are a lot of different carriers/wraps out there, this is just the one I have used for both babies. No matter what kind you choose to use, a carrier/wrap is 100% a must-have baby item! Not only does it let you have 2 free hands to do the millions of things you need to get done around the house, most babies love them as well! The baby is snuggled up close to mom/dad, feels like they are still being held, and really enjoy the movement of walking around with you. I take ours everywhere – I wear baby to the grocery store, to run errands, on a walk, and chasing around her big brother. Soooooo helpful when are alone with kiddos and need some extra helping hands!
  • Pampers Diapers – Pampers Swaddlers, y’all. These have always been our favorite! I know that varies for each baby (with leakage, sensitivity, etc.) But, before you start trying every diaper brand under the sun – just start with Pampers and go from there! I also love Pampers wipes this go-around! With our son we used Huggies wipes, but we received a lot of Pampers wipes at our shower this time and I’m really liking them!

Tip: If you can have a diaper shower… DO IT! It will be the biggest blessing in disguise! When you’re expecting a baby you get excited about the big/fancy items and tend to not get as excited about the simple things like diapers/wipes. But, once you have to start purchasing diapers/wipes all of the time… you (and your bank account) will thank me for this tip! We didn’t have to buy diapers until our son was a year old thanks to all of our friends who came to our diaper shower! IT. WAS. AWESOME! Another option is to have a diaper raffle at our baby shower if you aren’t able to have two separate showers!

  • Dr. Brown’s Bottles – We have used these bottles for both babies, and I wouldn’t use anything else! Even if your baby does not have gas issues, I would recommend these to prevent it from even happening… because a gassy baby is NO FUN. There’s a lot tears involved – from mom & baby. Dr. Brown’s bottles have a vent system to prevent any air bubbles that lead to colic, gas, and reflux. One thing a lot of people do not like about them are all of the parts you have to clean, but it doesn’t bother me at all. I would rather prevent the misery of a gassy baby!
  • Copper Pearl Swaddle – Copper Pearl is another brand I absolutely love! These brands that have this super soft material just get me every time. Not only are Copper Pearl super soft, but stretchy as well – which makes for a great swaddle blanket! Swaddling a baby can be a doozy if you haven’t figured that out yet, but stretchy material helps make that task a little easier. Copper Pearl also makes adorable bandana bibscar seat/nursing covers, and top-knot hats!


  • Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up – Since our babe is too little to use this yet, this recommendation is coming strictly from the many I received that made me purchase this item for the future! One of my best friends had this for her little girl and it was so convenient to take everywhere we went. It’s light weight, folds down for space saving, and has toys attached for baby. This might be a new alternative to the Bumbo seat we used with our first kiddo (which we still have and will use as well!).
  • Backpack Diaper Bag – I know most moms go for a super cute diaper bag, but when it comes to toting around a huge bag & a baby – you will quickly find that looks aren’t the number one priority here. With baby #2 I received a backpack diaper bag and  O M G it’s one of my all time favorite things! Once again, the more free arms/hands you have – the better! This backpack I have listed also comes with a changing pad and insulated pockets for the bottles… how convenient! Also, it’s unisex so dad won’t feel girly sporting it either!
  • Angelcare Bath Support – Register for this! We have used several different baby bath tubs, and this is by far my favorite one. Even though this isn’t technically a “bath tub” its great to set in your actual bath tub and keep baby supported without slipping and sliding everywhere.


Tip: If you register at Target, they give you 20% off of anything left on your registry that you do not receive at your baby shower that you may need/want to purchase yourself! Also, they just started sending little onesies to your baby thanking you for using their registry! 

I hope this helped you ladies out! If you have items you love that I didn’t list, leave them in the comments below! Mothers helping mothers, there’s nothing better.



The Struggle: The Mom (of 2) Edition

This post is brought to you by…

A girl (I can’t call myself a woman, that seems weird to me. Yes, I am in my late 20’s, but lets be honest – I still feel like a kid that thrown into adulthood out of nowhere most of the time) named Paige that really is just trying to get her shit together.

Struggle #1: Time Management


Y’all… I’m not sure if I can accurately explain to you how hard this is with two children. And maybe it will get easier when they get older (LORD PLEASE let it get easier when they get older), but this is like… right below child birth on the scale of difficulty. Let me just break this down for you to give you a better idea of our typical mornings here at the Ortiz residence when I’m alone with the kiddos:

  • Start feeding baby
  • 3-year-old wakes up and needs you to help him change out of his pajamas into his clothes for the day (but remember, you are trying to hold a newborn and feed her a bottle at the same time)
  • Get toddler dressed, get his breakfast ready, help him use his inhaler, get him settled with some morning cartoons so you can attempt to finish feeding the screaming baby
  • Start feeding the baby attempt #2, burp the baby, baby spits up all over herself and you (because God blessed with me two beautiful children, two beautiful children that always spit up. always.)
  • Go to change baby’s clothes/diaper
  • While changing baby’s diaper, toddler runs in screaming he needs to poop
  • Put baby’s diaper/clothes on, set her down so you can help toddler wipe his butt (because Lord knows if you don’t do it for him there would be shit everywhere)
  • Baby begins screaming, because GUESS WHAT?! She just pooped, too.
  • Start changing her diaper AGAIN. And now guess what? Every time you put a new diaper on her, she poops a little bit more. Therefore, one diaper change turns into about 7 until she’s finally done.
  •  Walk into living room with happy baby to find toddler has taken all of his clothes off because he wants to change his Superman underwear to Spider-Man underwear
  • OH and you still have spit up all over you from earlier, and haven’t even began to get yourself ready for the day
  • Re-dress toddler, fix his hair, help him brush his teeth
  • Tell toddler to put shoes on
  • Attempt to go in your own room and put clean clothes on
  • Baby starts crying, toddler starts yelling that baby is crying
  • Toddler still doesn’t have shoes on, so now you have to yell at him to put them on
  • Walk into kitchen to make toddler’s lunch
  • By this time baby is crying because she’s hungry again… (because everything before this took up HOURS of time to accomplish)

… I could keep going but SURELY by this point you get the idea. AND THIS IS WHY I AM TWO HOURS LATE TO EVERYTHING IN LIFE. Literally. When my husband has to work early and I get the lovely privilege of having to take Kye to school (I love taking him to school, but when you have to lug in a heavy ass car seat with an 11 lbs baby in it… not so much. I pray daily that his school starts a drop off line in the near future!)… we come rolling in around 10:00 am… because of the monstrosity I just listed above.

If you invite us to a birthday party, we will be late. If you invite us to lunch/dinner, we will be late. If you expect us to be somewhere at a certain time, just give up all hope.

Struggle #2: Body After Babies

HAHAHAHA. All I can do is laugh at this.

One baby – body will never be the same, but it can get pretty close. Two babies – LOL.

Example: I just attempted to do a 10-minute workout via YouTube… and yes I survived it but, my legs now feel like jello and I’m not 100% certain I am going to be able to stand up after I’m done typing this.

It’s honestly a cruel joke. I am one month postpartum and I feel amazing (emphasis on FEEL, not look. The way I look after baby #2 is a whole different story. I wasn’t blessed with those Kylie Jenner genes). My body healed so much faster and easier after Zoe than with Kye. So, naturally you think you can jump back into things quicker because, well hell you feel good! N O P E. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m older than when I had Kye or if it’s the whole second baby thing… BUT DAMN. I feel freakin’ fabulous until I try and do a squat. I would go into detail but just know, it all goes downhill from there.

OHHHH and… You want to eat healthy and shed this baby fat, right? You get that mindset and then you log into freakin’ Facebook and here comes Blue Bell with a post releasing their new flavor. CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH. My three favorite things. SATAN WHY ARE YOU AFTER ME?!

Now I can’t let myself go into any grocery store for the next 6 months because I know the little devil on my shoulder will be whispering in my ear to push that buggy right on over to the frozen section.

I’ll stop with the struggles for now. I’ll do more in a different post after I figure these two out (it may be a while – don’t get your hopes up folks haha!).

But.. serious food for thought: This is why moms don’t need to mommy-shame one another. We are all just out here riding the mommy struggle bus (2 hours late lol) and trying our hardest to not only be good moms/wives, but survive it all as well. 


If you’re a mom, you got this! We all do. It may not seem like it half the damn time, but we do! To save yourself some sanity, get out of the house! Reach out to other mom friends & have play dates. Go have lunch. Go to Target (even though we all already go there… daily). Don’t forget about yourself!

If you have friends with kids – be patient. Show them you care for them. Make them feel like they are more than just a mom. Be their sister, laugh at their funny stories about the gross stuff their kids did, be their listener, bring them wine, be there.

If you’re a husband who made it through all of that and kept reading to this point – be patient, too. Your wife has a lot going on. Mentally, physically, and emotionally (we know we are acting crazy, just go with it). Be her person. And just always remember: she’s trying.  

“Let’s root for each other and watch each other grow.”


The Support: What All Women Need & Need To Give

It’s about to get real, y’all.

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” Seems simple. But, for women it seems impossible. Literally. Besides the select few of you I have met that I have never heard a fowl word come out of our mouth about another person (I praise you for that, BTW).

Y’all… Why is it so hard to support one another? This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately (and also something I have been trying to be more conscious about for myself – I’m not pointing fingers here, this post is for everyone. INCLUDING me.)

If your “friend” (I put this in quotations because I mean that word as in either a real friend, a social media friend, or an acquaintance) has a small business… SUPPORT THEM. That goes for retail, beauty/skin care, photography, etc. If you can’t afford her services, THAT IS OKAY. Share her business posts, participate in giveaways, tell her you’re proud of her, refer her to your girlfriends! If your “friend” starts up a new hobby for fun (maybe she is a SAHM that just wants something for herself *wink wink*)… SUPPORT HER. If your “friends” husband runs his own business and is their main source of income… SUPPORT HIM. If your “friend” is putting her/himself out there to be vulnerable on the internet to expand themselves and/or business… SUPPORT THEM. If your “friend” is on a weight loss/fitness journey… MY GOD YOU BETTER SUPPORT HER/HIM! OR even a spiritual journey… SUPPORT ‘EM! And lastly, if your friend is doing none of these things… SUPPORT HER. She may be nervous to open up to others, she may be shy, she may be afraid of rejection, she may just not even have the time to juggle anything extra, or she may just not want to… support her by BEING THERE for her. Being a REAL friend. 

Okay, I stepped off that soap box. On to my next one.

My main point of this post is because as I started this blog and shared my first post with you guys… I HAD SO MUCH SUPPORT. Like, an insane amount. I received private messages from people (mainly moms who love to read things like this & feel understood) saying how excited they were and couldn’t wait to read more. Y’all, I literally thought this was going to get no attention. I just wanted to do this for the fun of it. Because I truly love to write (hence why if you call me, I’m more than likely just going to wait for the phone to stop ringing and text you to ask you what’s up, haha). But, to see so many people supporting me in this new random hobby… it means the world!

…AND THEN. There’s always that one person. You know, the one person who has to be negative. The one person who has to try and ruin the good thing you had going. (Similar to that one person in class that ALWAYS had something to say to the teacher when everyone else was ready to get the hell out of there.) WHYYYYYYY? If I have ever in my life been “that person” to someone (either intentionally or by mistake) my Lord I sincerely apologize AND I hope I am never “that person” again.

If you are “friends” with someone on social media and you see them post something and you have a negative thought about it – DELETE THEM. Don’t be their “friend” on social media if you can’t be a a friend in real life. Remove yourself from the equation. Remove them from your friends list so you won’t even have those negative thoughts. *Cue Paige getting removed from 157 Facebook friends lists at this exact moment LOL* But seriously, do it. Another alternative to that: challenge yourself to think something positive about that person instead. There’s good in everyone – you just have to be open to embracing it. Negativity – ain’t nobody got time for dat. (Is that still a relevant saying? Probably not, but you get the point.)

Does the world really need another mom blog? No, you’re right – probably not. There’s enough of them out there. I’m aware. But, this is my little way of expressing myself and even if no one ever reads this – I was able to be ME for a moment.

What I DO KNOW is – the world damn sure doesn’t need anymore negativity. THAT IS A FACT MY FRIENDS.

So, be you. Sell that makeup. Post those clothes you took the time to make. Share those before/after pictures of the hair cuts, spray tans, etc. you worked your magic on. Start a blog. Go back to school. Quit your awful ass job (jk – think this one through first. But girl if you’re not happy… LEAVE).

Don’t let that one negative comment or person stop you from being you. There’s more support out there than you think. 🙂



The Story

Welcome, y’all! 

I have loved writing for… ever, really. So, I figured why not start putting that passion along with everyday life into a little something we all know as a blog. Now, I never in a million years would have thought I would start one of these things, but you know, life happens. You get married, have children, sit at the house covered in spit-up all day and magically start to think people might care to read about your life… That’s what stay-at-home moms do, right?! So, let’s get this party started, shall we?

A little intro:

My name is Paige, I am currently 27-years-old, I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have two children: Kyson “Kye” (age 3) and Zoe James (3 weeks/fresh out the womb). I live in the same town in East Texas that I was born and raised in and just recently went from being a working mom to a stay-at-home-mom (along with helping my husband with his construction company because let’s face it – I love the man and all, but when it comes to paperwork he is about as organized as a T.J.Maxx sale rack.)

… Now all that sounds so sweet and basic, huh? Well, that’s why I REALLY wanted to start this blog. Everyone sees ^ THAT^ on Facebook and Instagram, but on here, Paige wants to get REAL. (Like the real fact that I just had to walk away from this laptop and change a poopy diaper. Or the real fact that before I started typing this I devoured a sh*t ton of chocolate chip cookies so my toddler won’t try to eat them all when he gets home from preschool. OR that while I was eating those cookies I was simultaneously bawling my eyes out watching last nights episode of American Idol.) I want this blog to not be the highlight reel we see from everyone on social media, but the REAL reel: The good, the bad, the gross, the anxiety, the laughs, the tears, the embarrassing, and every “Paige” in between (see what I did there? Paige… page. Yeah.)

A few more little facts before we jump into this: I love Jesus, but I cuss a little (okay, A LOT). I live off caffeine, and just recently added red wine to that list (two kids will do that to ya. Also, I’m 98% positive that everyone with more than two kids has to be an undercover alcoholic). And I say “y’all” even more than I cuss. Brace yourselves for this southern mess of a mama blog, y’all. (See, I told you.)

Stay tuned 😉


Family 2017


“Parenthood: the scariest kind of hood  you will ever go through.”